Teaching for the Modern Music Landscape

Nurturing the Next Generation of Professional Performers.

Welcome to Foundation Music Studio! Watch the video to learn more about what I focus on here at the studio!

Influence. Inspire. Ignite.

I’m Roxie White, an online music teacher for piano, voice and guitar.

With over a decade’s worth of experience in performing, singing and songwriting, I’m excited to be able to offer mentorship and music tuition to the next generation. My own tutors inspired me to pursue my passion for music, and turn my passion into a profession. I’m here to do the same thing for you – encouraging you to harness your talent and turn it into something brilliant.

Whether you’re a young performer in need of guidance or a parent searching for your child’s next teacher, I’m here to help. I offer online lessons in piano, guitar and voice, designed to excite, inspire and ignite a lifelong love for music.

Years of musical discovery await you at Foundation Music Studio – are you ready?

Roxie White, Creator of Foundation Music Studio, online music teacher for piano, guitar, and voice lessons

A performer at a piano ready to play, Foundation Music Studio, online music lessons for piano, guitar, and voice

What I Do

Too many students are bored by their teachers, disengaged by their curriculum and drained by traditional, outdated methods. At Foundation Music Studio, I do things differently.

By using a mix of contemporary music and influences from the past, every student will get the chance to experience:

-Online lessons for a comfortable, flexible classroom experience
-Hybrid of group and individual sessions for collaborative education
-Future-proof methods for lifelong learning beyond lesson time
-Learning how to play and sing simultaneously for on-stage success

Let the Rising Stars Do the Talking.

At Foundation Music Studio, I believe learning should be exciting, engaging and inspiring. This passion-nurturing environment allows our students to develop a natural love for performing, as you’re about to see!

Understanding Your Instrument for Performance Success.

Two children sit at a piano and play, Foundation Music Studio


The piano remains a popular instrument for both classical and contemporary musicians. As well as creating beautiful music unaccompanied, it can also make a great addition to a singer’s toolkit. My online piano lessons are ideal for both beginners and seasoned players, focused on providing a foundation of knowledge for one of the most versatile instruments out there.

A child writing down notes as they play the guitar, Foundation Music Studio,


Whether you’re new to guitar or want to upgrade your current skill set, my online lessons are a must for aspiring performers of all genres. I’ll give you total control over your own learning through a combined method of theory, practice and performance, so that you can learn to rock out like a pro.

A girl is about to sing into a microphone, Foundation Music Studio


Singing is the most beautiful thing the human voice can do, and understanding how to harness yours is key to achieving musical success. During our lessons, you’ll learn how to control your voice to suit your style of music and learn the tricks and techniques of the stars!

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