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Here at Foundation Music Studio, students are taught online piano, guitar, and voice lessons using technology from today with music from today. All the music is exciting, up-to-date, and is engaging for students!

I created a program that not only brings fun into your student’s life, but makes practice at home easy! You can rest and relax knowing that your student is spending the time they need to progress with their music.

I use a hybrid of individual and group online music classes to accelerate students through music faster than you ever thought possible. Your student will be a pro in no time!

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Your new teacher for online piano, guitar, and voice lessons!

I’m Roxie White, your new online music teacher!

As a performer, singer, songwriter of over a decade, I know how influential your first music teacher is. I had very dedicated teachers who inspired a deep love and passion for music in all their students. I’m here to provide your student with the same lifetime love of music they gave me.

With almost a decade of teaching experience, your can trust that your child is receiving the best possible music education. With me, they can take online piano, guitar, and voice lessons that will excite them. There can be years and years of musical discovery here at Foundation Music Studio!

Roxie White, Creator of Foundation Music Studio, online music teacher for piano, guitar, and voice lessons

At Foundation Music Studio,

You can learn all the standard instruments of today.

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