Rising Stars!

See some of the top students and what they’re performing!


Counting Stars

Shashank has mastered this piece perfectly! There are many new rhythms at one of the fastest speeds he’s done. Super proud of his performance!



Shashank is learning guitar now and has picked it up very quickly! This is only one of the many pop pieces he mastered on the guitar. Wish I could have fit more in for the recital!


The Greatest Love of All

Shivani loves lyrical pop pieces. We decided to do a classic Whitney Houston piece! One of Shivani’s strength is how expressive her pieces are!



This is Eshal’s first pop song, at least on the piano! She’s been learning voice too! She has come a long way and is well on her way to singing and playing piano at the same time!



Aadya is already doing very advanced concepts like playing very fast notes with a beat! Great job Aadya!


All of Me

Varun worked so hard on this piece! He able to match this entire piece to the original John Legend version! That is no easy feat! Awesome job Varun!


You’re Welcome

Yohaan really showed his capabilities with this song! His understanding of rhythm and the feeling of it make this performance extra special! Keep it up Yohaan!



Aishwarya took on the challenge of learning this song in a very short amount of time. I am very impressed with how quickly she is learning her pieces!


How Does a Moment Last Forever

Rayah worked tirelessly on this piece! This was out of her comfort zone because of how many chords were in this. I am so proud at how well she improved this year!


Break My Heart

This is Emma’s first pop song! She has proven how well she can learn a song just by listening to it! I expect great things to come in the next year!